At Colorado Alliance we want to offer opportunities to every kid interested in the club experience.  Our club teams give athletes and their families the chance to play competitively without the extensive time commitment or hefty price tag.  Because Colorado Alliance is an AAU affiliated organization, we’re able to arrange for tournament play on Saturdays which opens the door for so many families around Colorado.

As an Alliance Club player, your season will run from late November through April. Practices will take place twice a week for 90 minutes and tournaments will take place one Saturday a month.

Practices will be held at our Englewood facility located at 82 Inverness Dr East - Unit A2 Englewood, CO 80112.


    July 22nd 6:00-8:00 pm

This will be for girls aged 12 to 18 years old.  Athlete's will be broken into different age groups upon arrival.




(Open to all clubs and affiliations)


If your family lives outside the Denver Metro Area, please contact Rachel Olson at to discuss possible satellite teams in your area.



(Geared towards children between the ages of 5 and 9)

A specifically designed program to encourage movement and physical activity in our youth.  It’s so important for kids of all ages to get moving!  Our drills and games focus on eye and hand coordination, running, jumping, communication and teamwork.  Our enthusiastic group of coaches will have your kids wanting to come back again and again.  Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment where kids get to explore all aspects of physical activity.



(aimed at kids under 12 who are new to the game)

In a new game designed exclusively by Colorado Alliance, kids are encouraged proper game play and skills. As a beginner to the sport of volleyball it can be exciting to simply get the ball over the net.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t promote the correct skills or game mentality. We want kids striving for THREE contacts per side (a pass, set and attack). With RAlliball, games are timed and each contact (serve, pass, set, attack) scores your team a point.

Ultimately, from a developmental standpoint, what’s most important is the contact and not who is scoring the final point. We feel this approach will be extremely beneficial for younger kids and those new to the sport. We want them to take the movement, passing, setting and attacking skills they are learning and not be afraid to implement them in the game.

Saturdays from 9:00-10:30 am

$99 per 4 week session (includes a t-shirt)